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Round Seven: Themes

Round 7 is all about allowing yourself to be inspired by icons, icon makers and trends that have come and gone. So strap yourself in, and get ready to hardness that magic that is Jess and Sam's Retro Roadtrip Adventure.


01. Shadows of the Night:
Use shadows &/or light to crop the subject.

ack_attack | elfandali | ginger_noodle | schmiss | twilightbadgirl

02. She Blinded Me with Science:
Weird, quirky, limit pushing texture use.

burymyregret | call_me_daisy | likegunfire | no_delusion | raysofcolour

03. (Just Like) Starting Over:
Take inspiration from one of the following tutorials and use it in your icon.

04. Tiny Dancer:
Tiny Text Stuff.

blimey_icons | cariprin | ifitsnotlove | neversleeps | sixpganel

05. I Wear Sunglasses At Night:
Icons must be involve dark, rich blues and purples.

blindbeats | elena_hepburn | jenneys | prettypinkdork | rozillla

06. Out of Touch:
Genre Roulette. 6 fandoms, 1 randomizer. A moderator will PM you (or alternatively, reply to your sign-up comment if PMs are disabled) with the fandom you have been dealt.
The six fandoms are: Lost, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter 1-4, Doctor Who (Nine & Ten) & Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Routlette Resources

07. Karma Chameleon:
Emphasis on deep, dark &/or green colouring.

airlei | blueymcphluey | colorbox | toastandtea | trutdelamode

08. I Think I’m a Clone Now:
Duplication. In any conceivable way possible.

blueymcphluey | likegunfire | pandavirus | wekillpandas | zoicite

09. Always Something There To Remind Me:
Crop must focus on cutting of most (or all) of the facial features.
(chosen by last round's MVP sheekap)


bliccy | lovebit | meivocis | toastandtea | wherescookie

10. Borderline:
Overlap part of your icon with a textures.
(chosen by last round's MVP sheekap)


agurkis | boxed | iconseeyou | princesaskater | tihana

11. I Wanna Dance with Somebody:
The subject/s must be removed from background their original background.
(chosen by last round's MVP sheekap)


clubinthesky | colorbox | fierytigress | hellododger | trutdelamode

12. Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go):
Boxed in composition with many focal points.
(chosen by last round's MVP sheekap)


airlei | call_me_daisy | imalreadyinuse | intodelirium | xxkitty_katexx

Retro Roadtrip Mix | Old Days Icons to Inspire


If you have any questions concerning any of the themes reply here and a mod will answer as soon as possible.

Links: General Rules & Information | Questions | Round 7 Sign-Ups | Round 7 Schedule | Round 7 Submission | Countdown Clock
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