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Round Seven: Sign Ups

+ You must be signed up in order to submit icons and take part in the challenge.
+ You must also be both a watcher and member of the community.
+ All icons must be newly made for this challenge, and must be made by you.
+ You may use any of the allowed media as well as any stock, textures, brushes, or effects that you desire.
+ Submissions must be kept secret until voting for each Challenge has finished.
+ To sign up, simply reply to this post with your user name. You may sign-up at any time during the Sign-Up or Submission time period. Once you have signed up, your name will be added to this spreadsheet.

+ Individual challenge voting will maintain voting in a similar fashion to previous rounds. You will vote for your 3 favorite icons (including reasons) and must provide constructive criticism for at least 2 icons.
+ The "Special Category" voting for both Technical and Interpretative themes will be Best Time Warp, relating to the icons that have best represented the challenge's theme.

+ During the sign up period, members who are signed up may earn up to two bonus points that will be added to their final points tally.
+ You can earn these points by promoting the community in a public post anywhere on Live Journal, Tumblr or Twitter.
+ To gain both bonus points, you must promote in two separate places.
+ The promotion must contain a link to this community, and you can find pre-made promotion banners in our profile.
+ Once you have promoted, please reply to this post with a link to your promotion in order to obtain your points.

LINKS: General Rules and Information | Questions? | Round 7 Schedule
Tags: !sign ups, -round 7
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