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Round 17: Sign Ups

Hey, hey! Welcome to another round, y'all!

+ You must be signed up in order to submit icons and take part in the challenge.
+ You must also be both a watcher and member of the community.
+ All icons must be newly made for this challenge and must be made by you. They must also adhere to LiveJournal standards (under 40KB, 100x100 pixels or less).
+ You may use any of the allowed media as well as any stock, textures, brushes, or effects that you desire. Animation is allowed as long as it adheres to LJ standards just like everything else.
+ Submissions must be kept secret until voting for each challenge has finished.
+ To sign up, simply reply to this post with your user name. You may sign-up at any time during the Sign-Up or Submission time period. Once you have signed up, your name will be added to this spreadsheet.

+ Individual challenge voting will maintain voting in a similar fashion to previous rounds. You will vote for your 3 favorite icons (including reasons) and must provide constructive criticism for at least 2 icons.
+ The 'special category' for this round will be 'most creative' for all challenges due to the nature of the themes this round. This will make more sense once you've seen the themes this round.

+ During the sign up period, members who are signed up may earn up to two bonus points that will be added to their final points tally.
+ You can earn these points by promoting the community in a public post anywhere on Live Journal, Tumblr or Twitter.
+ To gain both bonus points, you must promote to two separate communities.
+ The promotion must contain a link to this community, and you can find pre-made promotion banners in our profile.
+ Once you have promoted, please reply to this post with a link to your promotion in order to obtain your points.

- No, this is not an anonymous round. Maybe next time!
- The themes post will go up when the schedule in the profile says HOPEFULLY, but it is taking some time to create because I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to actually write you lot a choose your own adventure story. Try not to get too hype and if it ends up being a little late, I apologize profusely.
- This will be another quickie round which means 6 icons total.
- Any other questions, please leave them in this post where ever because I think I'm going to have to queue this to get it up on time which means I won't be here when it goes up to make a questions thread.

LINKS: General Rules and Information | Round 17 Schedule
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