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In anticipation of our next round, I thought it would be an excellent idea to update our rules and information page since it hasn't had a re-vamp since we opened.

(A) What is Turbo-Rumble?
i. STANDARD: Turbo-Rumble brings the best parts of Turbo-LIMS and Rumble-LIMS together. As with a Turbo community, voting happens in quick fire succession (every 48 hours), and as with a Rumble, there are no eliminations. Makers are given a time limit to make a set number of icons. These icons are submitted all at once before voting begins, and at the end of voting, the person who accumulates the most points (for voting + winning awards for each challenge) will be declared the overall round winner.

ii. VARIATIONS: Frequently Turbo-Rumble hosts rounds which vary from the standard format. A good example would be Round 4: The Mystery Box which completely challenged the standard round format. We also frequently host anonymous rounds where icon makers submit and operate under an alias throughout the round. Variations to challenge format will be explained in posts specific to that round. Note: These are variations and only happen occasionally. Rounds will run to standard format as a general rule.

(B) Rules
+ Each round will consist of 6-12 challenges. These challenges will focus on two key themes: interpretative themes and technical aspects of icon making.

+ You will be given approximately a month to make and submit your 6-12 icons created from the technical and interpretative themes.

+ Icons submitted must adhere to the Live Journal rules for icons: Under 40kb in size. Animated icons are allowed. Blending of one or more images is allowed.

+ You may enter any mediums that fulfill the requirements of the round, unless the round specifies otherwise. The following mediums (and others) are welcome: Television Shows, Movies, Short Films, Music Videos, Video Games, Comics, Cartoon Strips, & Manga. If you have any other mediums you are unsure of, please asks the mods in a comment to this post or to the moderator contact post here

+ To participate in the challenges, you need to be a member of the community, sign up to the sign-ups post, and submit your icons by the due date.

Our voting form is well known for being full on as one of the founding tenants of this community was constructive criticism. As such, we have compiled a few guides to help you through. Please find them below:

+ Voting is mandatory for all participants. If you do not vote for 3 ROUNDS [They do not have to be consecutive], you will be given 2 NEGATIVE POINTS. This is to encourage as much participation in the Voting Rounds and avoid delays in the voting schedule.

+ You will be asked to vote for your TOP 3 icons, pick 1 icon for the SPECIAL CATEGORY, and provide CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM for a further 2 icons. You will also be given the option to provide further feedback.

+ CONSTRUCTIVE VOTES will not result in negative points. The constructive votes have been included to provide members with as much feedback as possible.

+ Constructive critiques for each challenge will be posted along with the challenge results. If you are unable to handle constructive criticism, please do not sign up for the round. However the mods of this community believe well through out constructive critiques can help an icon maker improve, and will be doing all that they can to ensure that each comment is useful, and not disrespectful in any way to the icon maker.

+ Despite needing to be given in order, votes are not weighted. This was trialed during an early Turbo-Rumble round. The result showed a limited impact on the overall scores and did not alleviate the issue of ties. As such, it will never be implemented.

+ We do not host tiebreaker votes due to the nature of the community. As such, we've developed a tie breaker policy to ensure a speedy voting process but also, hopefully, a fair solution to ties that do occur. It is as follows:
In the case of a tie, the icon with the most 1st place votes will be given first. This is upheld in all cases unless 1) the amount of votes is equal in all cases (i.e. 3 first place, 2 second place, and 1 third place) or 2) breaking the tie would result in an icon with enough first place votes to place being knocked out of a placing spot (i.e a third place tie between two icons). In these cases, ties will stand as is in order to maintain a sense of fairness for all participants.

+ Points will be awarded for the winners in each challenge.
1st Place: 5 points
2nd Place: 4 points
3rd Place: 3 points
Mods Choice: 1 point

+ Members will receive 1 point for voting in each challenge, which is 6-12 potential points just for voting.

+ For some challenges, there will also be an opportunity to gain points for promotion of the community - a member can gain up to 2 extra points for promoting during the sign-up period. Promotion must occur in two separate communities or journals. Rounds that accept promotion for points will say so in round specific posts.

+ As stated previously, failure to vote in three separate challenges during the round will result in a subtraction of 2 points from your score.

+ Points will be tracked using a public spreadsheet which will be available for participants to view.

+ At the end of each round, the member with the highest number of cumulative points will be awarded first place. The member with the second highest amount of points will be awarded second, and the third highest amount of points will be awarded third and so on. The number of places each round is dependent on the number of participants and the cumulative scores at the end of the round.

+ In addition, a special award known as the MVP award will be given to a member who has continued to give useful constructive critique throughout the voting phase.

Further more, the MVP does not have to be an entrant in each Round. They can be a consistent watcher who has taken the time to vote in each challenge for the round and taken the time to give more concrit than is necessary.

Previously, the MVP has been given the prize of choosing challenge for the next round. However, due to the evolving nature of the community and moderator team, this is no longer possible. The replacement prize has not yet been decided upon and suggestions are more than welcome.

+ An end-of-round poll will follow every round for the community to give feedback on how they felt the round went and to give suggestions that may be implemented in future rounds.

+ A hall of fame post will also follow every round containing the winners from each challenge.

+ Comments, suggestions, and other mod contact can be undertaken at this post. A moderator will get back to you as soon as possible.

+ These rules are subject to change at any given time. Please take the tie to read each round's individual rules as well as any moderator notices posted during the round for the most up-to-date information.

If you see anything missing or need anything in this post clarified at any time, just let me know.

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